What's New

April 2013  The new windows are in!!!! Double glazed, wooden frames - look really good. Thanks to Bautischlerei Helm Gbr Fürstenberg http://www.bautischlerei-helm.de and a new lick of paint all round.

Jan 2013   Have a wonderful New Year.

Aug 2011 We are just finishing the first of two further apartments we are converting. They will both have 2 bedrooms, bathroom and large living/dining/kitchen area. 2012 - They are now ready.

 On 9th July the German Government announced it was giving up it's plans to use the Kyritz-Ruppiner Heide as the largest military training and bombing range in Europe. The threat of continuous low-level jets flying over over this beautiful region has been lifted. Congratulations to all those good souls who have been campaigning against "The Bombodrom" since 1992, when the German Govt. said it was going to continue to use this large area of heath land that the Russian army had been using daily since the early 1950's.

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Join the celebrations on Sunday 22nd August in Schweinrich (on the edge of the Bombodrom). Music, fun and celebrating those who worked tirelessly for over 20 years to stop the area being used for military purposes.

Had a wonderful day out!!!! Great band - beautiful atmosphere.


Those of you who remember the terrible state the roads around here have been in are in for a surprise!!! The old cobbled road in Menz that shook the rubber out of your tyres disappeared some years ago. The road to Gransee was resurfaced a couple of years ago and now the roads to Fürstenberg and Rheinsberg have been finished - although you still have to keep a wary eye open for the mad timber lorry drivers careering down the tarmac with their load of logs!!!! Only the small stretch between Menz and Neuglobsow to be done later in the year. Even if they close the road to normal traffic, the way to Neuroofen has to be accessible - so you can still come for a winter break.

And of course the cycle routes were also recently finished - so you can take a comfortable bike ride from Berlin to Copenhagen and stop by here for a good night's rest!!!